TimeStamp Software for Windows Files, Folders wth SKTimeStamp


Instead of calling it a timestamp software, it is a tiny shell extension that adds a page to the file/folder properties with the timestamp of file created, last modified and last accessed. Mostly with the similar file names, you get confused of when it is created or last modified. With tons of codes or information inside the file, you cannot be finding out the changes, instead the timestamp is the only way to find out the last modified files or folders. So here is a simple shell extension that does the work for you.

SKTimestamp is a simple shell extension when installed adds a tab to the file/folder properties panel in Windows explorer. The Timestamp tab displays three fields corresponding to the dates of creation, last modification and last access to a file.

By checking the boxes, you can change the timestamps. The software also works in batch mode. It just select the files to modify and edit the dates in a single operation. You can change the file dates easily.

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  1. But what actually this software is going to do..??

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