3 Best Apps to Take Pictures with Web Cam & Add Fun Photo Effects Online


There are many online apps and funny camera software that allows you to add fun photo effects to your pictures, but you need to have the picture first & upload the picture to add fun effects to it. Today we are going to see few apps that allows you to use web cam to capture fun moments with the photo effects completely online. You can fun elements like hat, coolers, moustache etc to your photos.

The photos are the best way to express a thought or moment. After the social network usage has increased, the photo sharing became so important, strengthens further. If you are looking for applications that let you take pictures with your webcam, add effects and share them later, you will find below a series of tools that can help you.

Seenly :

Free application that allows you to take pictures from your web cam, add effects using the online photobooth and share them with your friends later. Simply go to Seenly.com and allow your web cam, your web cam switches on and you can select the photo effects such as sepia, soft, normal, black and white and many other effects. Just take a snap and you get a unique URL of your picture to share with your friends on email, facebook, twitter etc.

Cameroid :

On hearing the name first, I thought it was some photo android app. No, cameroid allows you to take snaps with your webcam straight from your browser. It has many photo filters such as blur, shades, soft, negative, disort effects, scenes where your head is cropped inside monkey, robots, ninja and beautiful frames. You can adjust the cam settings, delay the snap by 3 seconds and share it with your friends or download the picture to your PC.

Snap Strip :

Just three-steps, take pictures using your webcam, add effects desired and then share them with friends on the network quickly and easily. You can make your fun photos with snapstrip.

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