Snap Install Buffers Screenshots for Writing Tutorials in PDF


When you’re creating a PDF document that has step by step instructions or tutorials then obviously it will contain screenshots. There are many screen capturing tools, but once you’ve captured, you need to align them, arrange and insert them into PDF documents. But today we have a tool that automatically creates a documentation with screenshots by a mouse click.

SnapInstall is a simple free tool for creating PDF tutorials in pictures in few clicks. Just install the tool, start buffering screenshots just by clicking the mouse wheel. When you middle-click it adds the image to the document. This is very useful tool when creating installation procedures, for product manuals etc. You can create screenshots in the order and easily bind it to PDF documents.

Once you’ve installed SnapInstall, it quitely sits on the task notification area and when ever you click the middle mouse button, it captures the currently active screen and queues up the screenshots and finally creates a PDF report out of it.

Before starting the screencapture section, you can fill out details such as PDF file name, author name, keywords, logo and output folder.

Download SnapInstall [Direct Link]

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  1. Wim says:

    SnapInstall 2.0 is released by pressing
    – PrintScreen, a snap of the active form is made, and also adds which button
    or control you clicked.
    – Ctrl + Printscreen, a snap of the full screen is made
    – Alt + Printscreen, you can select (draw) you’re own selection

    SnapInstall 2.0 improvements:
    Possibility to add text to snap immediately after making the screenshot
    Support for Word Doc format, in addition to pdf support
    Settings are automatically saved for future use
    Exit program button in settings form

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