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Google reader is one of the best way to keep yourself updated with your favorite websites and news stories. Google’s +1 button helps you to share the article on a webpage but if you are reading news stories via Google reader, then sharing the articles from Google reader to social sites such as twitter, facebook, google+ is not that easy, because by default they haven’t provided you any social sharing buttons to share the post. There are options to enable the sharing buttons inside your google reader.

So as I said, there aren’t any sharing buttons by default, you need to enable them via settings panel. Also in the settings panel you don’t have the options to share the post on Google+. You can only share the post on sites such as twitter, facebook, digg, delicious, instapaper, orkut, reddit, posterous, stumbleupon, tumblr etc. Now, let’s see how to enable sharing links from Google reader to Google+ profile.

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Just login into Google reader, Look out for Google reader settings (on the top right hand side, click the wheel like button),

Now goto Send To tab and

find the “Create Custom Link” option and click the link to create a custom sharing option to Google+ from Google reader.

Now enter the details such as Name, URL , Icon URL in the settings panel. Find the details below :

Name: Google+
Icon URL:

That’s it. You can find the option ticked to Google+ above the create custom link option, now get back to Google reader and you can find the option to share the post on Google+ from your reader.

You can easily share each and every posts on Google+ profile just by clicking the sendto > Google+ option from your Google reader.

This also allows you to customize your sharing link on Google+. You can edit the circle options and share to only certain circle on Google+ from Google reader.

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