PassMyWill Sends Your Facebook Password to Relatives When You Die


What happens to your email accounts & online social accounts such as twitter, facebook, wordpress blog accounts and more when you pass away ? How will your relatives or friends know about your online account passwords ? When you’re alive, you don’t want to share those passwords, but after you pass away how will you let them know about your facebook/twitter passwords or email account passwords so that they take care of your closing business issues etc.

PassMyWill is a simple application that allows you to store your email account passwords and social account passwords, so that once you pass away, it confirms & crosschecks sources and hands over your passwords and email accounts to your relatives or friends whomever of your choice. PassMyWill does a basic job, distributes your social network passwords to your trusted loved ones after you die.

All you need to do is, just signup with Passmywill and connect your facebook, twitter accounts. Because, if they find your accounts inactive or suspicious, then will start monitoring for stuffs. Once you’ve connected your accounts, start entering your recipients email addresses. You are not dying any time soon, so make sure that you have enough people to reach. Select your best lovable ones, may be your wife, sons, daughters, kins etc.

Passmywill offers you to select five recipients and enter their email address. Now the final stage is locking your social account passwords with a encryption key that the recipient would know once you’ve passed away. Only with this encryption key your recipients can access to your passwords. Normally these encryption key can be your SSN number, CC number or random passcode.

All your passwords will be encrypted with this key on your local computer, so nobody can access your data without the key, even the passmywill app. Also attach a message with the encryption key so that your recipients would know that only with this key they can access your account passwords. Make sure you tell the person how to figure out your encryption key. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to open the message.

Now just enter your email account passwords, facebook email address, password, likewise you can add any social account passwords and finally enter a secure message and hit the save button. While you’re facebooking or tweeting, the app won’t send any emails. Once PassMyWill is convinced you may be gone, your next of kin receives the ‘Dead Man’s Switch’ e-mail. All the data stored on PassMyWill is completely encrypted.


Another similar service which came before PassMyWill was ‘My Webwill’ that allows you to make decisions about your online life after death. You can choose to deactivate, change or transfer your accounts, like Twitter, Facebook or your blog. It offers services such as where you can delete your account or hide from others. Also you can change the content of your accounts, i e leave a last status update on your Facebook profile or send pre written mails to your loved ones. You can also transfer account details to some other persons. Check out My Webwill

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  1. Aakansha says:

    A bit confusing but how can we be sure that they will not access our social profile

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