Open 100 Types of File Formats with Open Freely


Today we are going to review about a file viewer that can open and read 100+ file formats. I consider it as a one of the essential freeware for any computer. It is a must have tool because it can open many files. Single free tool that can open documents, play videos, write code files, view images and many more. Let’s check out the cool file viewer named Open Freely.

Open Freely is a small freeware helps you to open more than 100 file formats. Easiest way to open files. It is not restricted to one file format such as Notepad lets you to open text files and MS word for docs, media player for media files etc. It can open any file, you can open, edit, print, save files.

Open Freely Features :

  • Alternative to Microsoft Office.
  • It can open MS word, Excel, Powerpoint
  • Also edit, print, save files.
  • Open/edit/save PDF documents
  • Flash SWF supported
  • Watch movies, supports avi, wmv, mov and more file formats
  • One click print option directly from the software.
  • Open Photoshop PSD files, ICO favicons, and other general image formats
  • Support for code files such as JSP, VB, C, JAVA, PHP, SQL, CSS, ASP & more.
  • Unzip/Zip files, archives etc.

You can look here for the details of supported file formats.

Download Open Freely

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  1. Aakansha says:

    A software which remove the need for any other software.

  2. yes,.. absolutely.. perfect one for almost all file formats.

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