How To Remember Important Dates


Many times we forget the important dates such as friends birthday’s, anniversaries and few other important personal occasions. We have already told you about Birthday reminder applications and automatic birthday wish sender facebook app that are pretty much useful. Today, we have another birthday reminder kind of app called ‘SS Birthday Reminder’ that helps you to remember important dates (birthdays, anniversaries, events) that you don’t want to forget.

SS Birthday Reminder Live handy tool allows you to remember important dates such as birthdays, anniversaries, events etc. It helps you to add important dates to a digital calendar that will remind you on events without a fear of data loss. Very helpful for people who has poor memory. Something similar to Google calendar. Yes, you may use Google calendar for reminding you with dates and events, but with the easy interface and some more advantages, SS Birthday reminder wins.

It not only helps you to remember important dates, you can schedule your daily todo’s and everyday events so that it manages, organizes events and sends you email reports for free. It offers few tools such as Birthday manager, Anniversary manager, Events manager and more. You can get email alerts for reminders and SS Birthday reminder also has a desktop version, it syncs everything all your web data with the desktop version.

Some more advantages of SS Birthday reminder live app is supports your iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices. You can also import contacts from Yahoo, Google and Outlook. So these are the few features that SS Birthday reminder offers you. Just another event/birthday reminder app.

Try SS Birthday Reminder Live

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    The technology is easing our workload every day with such developments.

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