How To Find Sponsors for Events


Sometimes there are people who wants to create a major event, but always need financial support to take it forward to a big level. So finding sponsors is a difficult one, making them understand about the events and stuff. So how do you find organizations to sponsor your event? Before seeking a sponsorship for your event, certain questions you got to answer yourself such as Why should they sponsor you? what can you offer the company who sponsor your event? when should you ask for sponsorship etc.

Normally these sponsorships are found with big corporates having connections with board members, volunteer and community member connections, foundation center database and more. This deals totally offline, but there are certain services that allows you to find sponsorships through a online platform. A spanish site called ‘2Sponsors’ allows you to look out for sponsorships.

2Sponsors is a new social network kind of project that enables organizations to post events and parties for those interested in sponsorships can contact and carry out the planned event. It provides a platform that connects people and organizations who’re looking out for sponsorships. Based on their requirements and few more stuffs, you can contact them if you’re interested to sponsor the event.

You can publish all kinds of events such as launches, presentations, sporting events, parties, among others, a great way to find sponsors without leaving home.

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  1. Aakansha says:

    What exactly are we supposed to do or know after reading this blog? No offense. If the site have been in English it could have been useful.

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