How to Become Google Analytics Authorized Consultant


Just told you about the Google analytics android app, if you’re more interested in working with Google analytics and making it as your business, profession by serving companies, then here is a chance that adds more creditability to your business portfolio if you own a certification from Google as ‘Google Analytics Authorized Consultant’ then company level goes high, you can find clients easily for delivering analytics, website testing and conversion optimization services to online businesses. If this is what your company does, consider becoming a Google Analytics Certified Consultant to grow the business and once you’re done with this, you get a Logo and designation.

What is Google Analytics Authorized Consultant ? As stated above, if you’re assisting analytics for companies to boost their online business, then this small certification may boost your business profit and credits. Currently there are less than 200 companies *globally* who are in the program. This means that if you become a Google Analytics Authorized Consultant you have something that not too many other companies have. Note : Globally.

What will you gain as a Certified Google Analytics Consultant ? By partnering with Google, you will gain access to the Google Analytics Product and Marketing team and become part of a trusted group of market leading experts in the vast world of Web Analytics. Also you get insight into the product roadmap and beta features, invitation to exclusive events only to analytics certified persons and support to difficult technical questions.

Not everyone can become a Google certified analytics partner, Google has highly strict rules and regulations to become or for applying for the certification. Some of the rules include, you must have previously deployed Google Analytics projects with 3 different clients where google can contact for reference. All these projects should represent high degree of understanding of web analysis involving configuration with funnels and filters. If you’re running PPC or SEO for a client, and you offer GA analytics set up and implementation, then you qualify.

Also applying for Google Analytics Certification, you must represent a Business (individuals do not qualify) and be legally incorporated to do business in your locality. Also few other requirements to signup before. You can check out the Application template for applying GAAC.

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