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Before the launch of new Facebook cover picture and timeline feature, people are more interested in showing off their facebook profiles by designing or adding welcome image to their tagged photos. If you still don’t get what am talking about, then take a look on below links.

10 Best Facebook Profile Designs
How to add Profile banners or designs ?

When you look at both the links, you will get to know what am talking about. So if you want to create a banner design for your Google+ profile ? Here it is. You can easily customize your Google+ profile by adding Google+ banners and welcome banners to viewers.

Banner Plus is a simple service that allows you to add banners to your Google plus profile. What it does is, if you upload an image, it will cut into 5 squares so that you can upload it to your Google plus profile as a banner image. It specializes in cropping the image perfectly to suit the Google plus profile.

So, you can upload any image from your computer or link jpg,png file directly from the web or You can select from the pre showcased images on banner plus. Once you’re done with it, you can click the render image option. It then renders the image and allows you to save the image into 5 parts with equal square shapes. Right-click and “Save image as…” the images you’d like to sport.

Now go to Google+ profile and click the edit profile option. You can also directly use this link to go to edit profile.

Click on the Add some photos here section

Step 4: Click Add Photo

Step 5 : Upload the first image of the set. You should upload the image based on the file name. When you save, each file name ends with numbers like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. So upload images based on it.

Repeat steps 4 and 5 until the set is complete. That’s it. Now hit the button ‘done editing’ and there you go!

Banner Plus

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