Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Grooveshark Desktop Apps with Pokki


If you’re sailing on the internet daily with these applications such as Gmail, Facebook or Twitter, listening music on Grooveshark and watching videos etc, then daily you got to do the same thing such as opening browser, logging in, checking for updates etc. but for a change, have you tried out Pokki ? a game changer featuring different desktop apps into one bundle with stylish icons and effects, pokki stands out. Accessing Gmail, Facebook, twitter via your desktop taskbar was never easy untill pokki came into existence (atleast for me). Single software pokki is what all you need if you’re a social addict who loves to play with popular apps on daily tasks.

Using various online services from your windows taskbar with a sliding effects and pop-up, Pokki is so pleasant and simple to use. With its clean interface, elegant & stylish look, pokki offers all the features that you can access from browser. Google Gmail, Google Translate, Twitter, Facebook, Grooveshark, Ebay and many more such services are available as apps that bundle into Pokki.

Just install Pokki alone on your computer first, then choose the other elements/apps such as Gmail, Facebook, If you’re a reader – then wall street journal app etc. Simply install, choose your favorites and connect. Pokki brings awesome apps to your desktop. All the notifications are real time and lot of your favorite apps are launching soon on pokki app store.

Pokki completely changes the need for a browser. Normally I keep open 4 tabs always – Gmail, Twitter, Facebook and Grooveshark. So with Pokki coming in, I rarely use browser for these 4 things. Pokki is awesome, you should try it too.

Just check out the video demo of Grooveshark app working on Pokki. It is uber cool.

Download Pokki

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  1. Aakansha says:

    Is pokki available for mobile? As I think viewing in browser or software through a desktop is one and the same.

  2. Nice apps.. would love to use on my desktop…

  3. Picapedra says:

    You can try also NINGAL Gmail Desktop:

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