Free HTML Image Mapper Creates Image Maps on Web


HTML image map is required when you want to show hotspots on images linking to external web links. Suppose, if you want to show restaurant websites around a area in maps, then you can simply download the image of the map and start creating hotspots linking html webpages in the picture. If is not necessary that it should be a map, it can be of any image. You can create link hotspots on images with this free html image mapping tool.

We have previously told you about the Online image mapping tool, now this free html image map editor allows you to create hotspots on images. Mcc Image map creator software used to create image maps for the web. That is to say, simple images which have been defined hotspots.

An HTML Image Map is a simple picture with clickable areas defined in the HTML code. This software allows the user to easily map those areas onto a picture. It then generates the corresponding HTML code.

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So, Mcc Image Mapper lets you create image maps for the web, in other words, just images where we define clickable areas. Mcc HTML Mapper, you can create these zones with the mouse, making it easier to work when you want to show some areas clickable on the images.

Once you’ve installed Image mapper, just go to the language settings and change it from French to English. Then, open an image to start mapping.

Once the image is chosen, it will appear in the scene, the code will appear in the HTML viewer (bottom) and the basic properties of the image will appear in the table Image properties table (left side). You can add various html properties to the image and finally hit the export button as HTML.

HTML code will be displayed, you can save it or directly preview it in the browser. Download Mcc Image Mapper

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