For Dummies Book Cover Generator


You may have read many web books named ‘Wikis for dummies’ ‘WordPress for dummies’ ‘Crosswords for dummies’ which means the books which are named ‘for dummies’ helps people with the basic stuff to making everything easier by providing step by step instructions, how-to information, video tutorials etc. So if you’re planning to write ‘blogging for dummies’ or on whatever topics ‘for dummies’ then here is a standard ‘for dummies book cover design’ that you could have seen on many books. If you want to have one for your book, then here is a easy method.

For dummies book cover generator from allows you to create a ‘for dummies’ book cover design just by few clicks. It allows you to add texts, images and title to the cover design and download the cover picture.

Go to this link and start adding titles, main topics that you’re going to cover in the book as bulleted points and you can add a image from the pre-defined gallery or from your computer to showcase the concept of the book and finally the authors name etc.

Once you hit the publish button, you can download the cover image as jpg file or you can directly share it with your friends on social networks or tag it on facebook and get comments from your friends.

For dummies book cover generator

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