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If you’re a person like me who loves to explore more stuff on particular subject, then this is the perfect extension for you. Just want to get deep into any subject with the related news and contents ? then Google Related extension for chrome does the job more easy for you. Just if you visit any web page, it shows a slick bar at the bottom of the page with the related contents such as news, images, videos and other related information from the Google products such as maps etc.

Google Related extension for Chrome (which I stumbled upon accidently) and fell in love with it past two days. What ever the subject web page you may read, it shows the related content is a slick bar at the bottom of the web page. It helps you to find useful related content while you browse the page. The advantage here is, all it shows is relevant to the page you’re viewing.

It must be very much useful if you’re working on a research paper or similar stuff. Once you’ve installed the Google related extension, just visit your favorite web pages or for example, visit a page on Wikipedia (may be your favorite star or sports player etc) it shows you tons of information related to the wiki page which you’re viewing. It shows related images, videos (on which a simple mouse hover shows all the contents such as images and videos) especially you can watch related videos without leaving the interface.

Also it shows related news and information. If you’re viewing restaurant sites, then it shows local maps, address, reviews and stuff. Currently Google related extension supports websites that are written in English, also if you don’t see the related bar at bottom of any web page, then it means there is no useful content to show. For websites where it couldn’t find enough content, it doesn’t show the Google Related bar.

Google Related Chrome Extension

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