Exif Tag Viewer : View Exif Info on JPEG Images in Web


We have already told you, Exif tags are nothing but the hidden information that images display such as camera model, focal length, exposure time, ISO speed etc etc. These things normally are hidden under the images, some time they are exposed to risk. If you don’t want your exif data to be seen on images, you can remove all the metadata tags on images using exif tag remover. Now, if you would like to view exif information on images, then here is a simple extension for chrome that allows you to view exif info on images in the web.

EXIF Viewer extension for Google chrome helps you to view exif info on images in the web. Once you’ve installed exif viewer, you can view exif information in images which are displayed on the web. Just hover mouse on the image and the exif information will be displayed.

You can manage the exif tags that are to be viewed on the image. On the EXIF Viewer extension options, there are various exif tags where you can add it to it, so that when ever you hover on the image, the information based on the tags will be displayed.

It also displays date,time of the image & if it is processed under any software such as Photoshop or GIMP etc, then it also shows the image is modified under this software. Lot of exif tags are available to choose from. Also if you don’t want to view exif information, you can disable extension on some site by keyword.

It supports cache feature. EXIF info Cache to avoid duplication EXIF parsing. You can also set the cache in options page to get faster parsing speed (default 100 records). If there is no exif information available, then you will get ‘EXIF not found’ message on the image.

Download EXIF Viewer Extension

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  1. Aakansha says:

    I never knew how many people lied about the photograph they posted on FB. It also helped me to hide the details of some photographs.

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