Could BlackBerry be the best mobile blogging platform?


It’s not often these days that we hear the term “best” in the same sentence as the BlackBerry. For a few years now the BlackBerry has lagged behind the pack. It’s difficult to pick up a BlackBerry and find it better than an Android or the iPhone in any way. Yet there is one area in which the BlackBerry does retain an advantage, particularly with the new BlackBerry 7 smartphones. The BlackBerry is the best smartphone for mobile blogging.

As blogging as grown and evolved, so have the ways that we blog. For most people blogging started as something done from a desktop computer at work or at home afterwards. But laptops came into prominence last decade, and so people started taking their blogging to different places, whether their couches or their local coffee shops. Now with tablets and powerful smartphones we can take blogging to even more places. We can also make edits and moderate comments while away from our computers.

WordPress has made it easy for anyone with a smartphone to write, edit, and moderate their blogs from anywhere in the world. That could be your local park, while waiting on line at the supermarket, or even thousands of miles from your home. There is a WordPress app on all three majors smartphone platforms – BlackBerry, iPhone, and Android – so everyone has the opportunity to blog with more freedom. And yet it’s the BlackBerry that has the best platform.

The iPhone and Android WordPress apps aren’t bad by any means. They take care of the basics. You can moderate comments from them, and you can write and edit posts. Both allow you to upload and resize media, so you can post anything you find while browsing your mobile. The BlackBerry does all these things and more. Not much more, as there’s only room for so much in the WordPress app. But it does provide a few advantages.

First, it provides more comprehensive comment moderation. I like this, because comment moderation is one of the boring tasks that few blog owners want to do. Yet it’s necessary for maintaining an orderly and attractive comments section. The WordPress for BlackBerry app allows you to filter for pending comments, making it easier to approve them or mark them as spam. The iPhone and Android apps do mark pending comments, but there’s no way to search for them. On the Android app there is no way to edit comments, either.

The major advantage the WordPress for BlackBerry app has over the iPhone and Android ones is quick access to your Desktop. On older BlackBerry models this doesn’t make a difference, since the old BlackBerry models have poor browsers that do not render the site well. But the new BlackBerry 7 smartphones are much improved, and they provide a crystal-clear view of your WordPress desktop. Best of all, it automatically logs you in, so you don’t have to re-enter your username and password. You can access any function at all from this screen, so you can do things like add users and edit plugin settings. These options are not available unless you use the iPhone or Android browser and manually log into your Dashboard.

The final advantage is a simple reality of the BlackBerry. It’s keyboard makes for much easier writing. While many users prefer to have a full touchscreen rather than a half screen and a keyboard, it’s undeniable that hardcore bloggers will prefer having the physical keys. It’s a pain for many other functions, especially gaming. But when it comes to blogging the physical keyboard makes a huge difference. I can type at least twice as fast on the BlackBerry than I can on an iPhone.

There aren’t many areas where the BlackBerry can be considered an industry leaders these days. They do carry the banner of enterprise customers, which is their bread and butter. But they can also win over bloggers with their excellent WordPress app and useful physical keyboard. Combined they make the best mobile blogging platform on the market. If you need your smartphone for blogging, it might be that the BlackBerry is best for you, surprising as that might sound.

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  1. Suraj Nair says:

    Blackberry scores over Android only on one aspect and it is their keypad.

  2. zahid says:

    I don’t think Blackberry is the best one for using blogging etc

    but it is best for checking emails and BlackBerry services are great not offering by any one else

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