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We have told you about many comic generators and also turning your photos into cartoon picture, now here is a simple app for creating comic strips. You might have read awesome comic strips over the internet and felt like creating one ? then here you go. Before that, here are few articles that would interest you :

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Create Comic Characters

Comic Strips Generator is a awesome app that allows you to create comic strips in minutes. It has pre-made templates with lot of characters and stuff. All you need to do is, just select the characters and their position (right/left) also write their dialogues. If it is not dialogue then you can use it as thoughts. You have just 3 steps to create a comic strip. Select the category, character, write the dialouge/thoughts.

It provides you with three panel layout, you can also switch to two or single panel layouts. If you want you can clone the layout with similar characters else you can input different characters in your comic strip. Also, you can have backgrounds to your comic strips. You can select the category under which the play comes in such as urban, rural, office scene etc. Adding to it, you can build elements such as ambulance, temple, crime scene etc.

It also provides you with a random comic layout button on the top right hand side, this would be helpful if you’re confused on selecting the characters for your comic strip. Finally, you can give a title for your comic and save it. Once you’re saved, a unique URL for your comic strip is displayed, so that you can share it with your friends.

Comic Strip Generator – Strip Creator

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