Clutter Free YouTube Video Interface with Cleanr YouTube Chrome Extension


We have discussed alot about YouTube Chrome extensions that can add extra video watching experience. The default YouTube interface has so many options that are distracting and annoying such as recommendations, advertisement, comments, popups etc. If you’re a minimalism lover, then here is a new chrome extension for YouTube that eliminates all the clutter from YouTube videos. is a simple chrome extension for YouTube ( also has extensions for IE, Firefox, Safari) that allows you to remove all the clutter from youtube interface leaving alone the video. It removes recommendations, subscription videos, related videos, comments etc. All are hidden with a option to unhide them. Once the extension is installed, it is responsible to hide (not delete) all the unnecessary content at the time of reading by displaying only the essential ingredients such as video, of course, its title, a subscribe button and search bar.

Everything else can be displayed in one click with a simple link at the bottom of the page. It turns YouTube into a clean, white beautiful place. Once the extension is installed, it declutters the YouTube and for a bonus, it also cleans up Amazon, making your shopping experience hassle free.

Once you’ve installed, just go to and you can see a clean YouTube homepage with a simple cleanr topbar that allows you to tick/untick the options of clean YouTube and Amazon interface. It has a search bar, upload, subscription link. If you want to see the subscription videos, with a single click on the link, you can unhide all the videos.

You can search on YouTube, all the videos will be displayed as per search term, click on the video link and the videos will be played in a clean white background. below the video you can find the subscribe button, no of uploads, and a link to display all the comments, favorites and other options of default interface.

Similary, the Amazon shopping page also adds a simple white background with the search bar. Search results are listed out and you can have a hassle free shopping experience on using extension for chrome. Extension Chrome

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