Chrome Redesigns New Tab Page, Organize apps Quickly


Google chrome with its latest release (15.0) has redesigned the New Tab page. In chrome, when you click the new tab page (the plus icon next to the last tab at the top of the browser window or shortcut key CTRL+T), it shows a customized new tab page with two columns. One is your most visited webpages in thumbnail view, the other one is your list of installed Chrome web apps. Now the new tab page is completely redesigned for better user experience.

The new tab page is organized in a way to make it easy for accessing and organizing the chrome web apps in different sections of page. Yes, instead of two columns on single page, they have changed into two different pages with a slide effect.

You can find the ‘Most visited’ and ‘Apps’ section at the bottom of the new tab page. Also a arrow mark on the right to move from one page to another. A simple link at the right end corner ‘Recently closed’ helps you to find web pages that you’ve closed recently.

You can also add more slides to the new tab page. By default it has two slides ‘most visited & apps’ if you want to add more slides, simply install a new chrome web app from the store and move the app to the next slide. You can rename a section by double-clicking the label and typing in a new name.

Also if you want to remove a app from the new tab page, simply drag it and you can find ‘remove from chrome’ option at the bottom right corner of new tab page.

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