Best 3 Steve Jobs Google Chrome Themes


Previously we told you about the Steve Jobs Windows 7 Theme which is to honor the memory of Steve Jobs. Now here is one more dedication from three different people that has led to 3 different Google chrome themes honoring Steve Jobs. Let’s check out all the 3 beautifully designed chrome themes in memory of steve jobs.

Steve Jobs Chrome Theme

Steve jobs chrome theme was developed by chromeposter to honor great person, great inventor, real hero of mankind. With a simple water impression of steve jobs blended with a golden color design, the chrome theme rocks. You can download this theme based on your screen resolution. The developer provides this chrome theme to all popular screen resolutions. You can download this theme from his blog. You can also get the theme from chrome theme store.

A Tribute to Steve

This theme was developed by instapixel guys which is so simple. They have just added a image of Steve Jobs when opening a new tab window. That’s it. Download Steve Chrome Theme

iJobs Chrome Theme

iJobs chrome theme is a black minimalism theme with a tribute to Steve Jobs. It has a image which is designed by the guy from hongkong. The apple logo, where steve’s head is visualized inside the apple logo. When you open a new tab, you can find the apple logo on the right side. Just look at it, you will find the difference.

Download iJobs Chrome Theme

If you’re a chrome theme creator, then you can also contribute chrome themes to honor the memory of Steve Jobs.

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