5 Free Softwares to Manage WiFi Connection


WiFi usage growth has been massive and people love to connect themselves to the interent where ever they go. They keep using WiFi on notebooks, tablets, smartphones etc. These days, Airlines provide inflight wifi facility for their customers. So if you’re using a WiFi connection at home or office, here are some best 5 tools to bring out the best from your WiFi connection.

Wireless Network Watcher :

Wireless network watcher is a small tool that allows you to find out the list of connected devices to your wifi connection. Normally on a laptop wifi connection, you don’t know many devices are actually connected to your Wifi. This tool simply shows how many devices are connected to wifi network. IP address, MAC address, the company that manufactured the network card, and optionally the computer name is also displayed along with. You can export the list into html/xml/csv/text file.

NetSetMan :

With netsetman, you can swtich between network profiles for different locations so easily. Such as home network, office, on the go connection, cafe network etc. It lets you create multiple network profiles and saves time by manually creating each one on the location.

Free WiFi Manager :

FreeWiFi Manager is a open source free software that allows you to authenticate automatically on the network FreeWifi, Fon, Neuf WiFi Neuf Wifi Fon (no manual entry of IDs via the HTML form). It periodically checks the state of the network connection and may proceed automatically to the re-authentication when disconnected.

Connectify :

It allows you turn your computer into a wifi hotspot. Want to know more about it ? We have done a detailed review about Connectify. Read it here.

MHotSpot :

Another similar tool like connectify that can turn your computer instantly into a wifi hotspot. You can share your internet connection with other wifi enabled devices. so that your computer turns into a wifi modem allowing you and others who have connected to your network to surf easily.

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  1. Aakansha says:

    NetSetMan is the best of the lot.

  2. abi6 says:

    Thanks,thanks,thanks !!!!

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