3 Google Analytics Apps for Android


Google analytics is a web app from Google that allows website owners to track their website statistics. It is one of the best website tracking tools online shows you how people found your site, what are all the pages they have visited in your site and also helps you to find how you can improve your website performance for the best visitor experience. The latest news from Google analytics is, they have launched the real time measuring feature. You can see the number of visitors visiting your websites in real time. If you’re a traveler most of the time, then mobility is always fun. You can check out analytics from your android smartphone with the Google analytics app for android.

gAnalytics :

This is byfar one of the best android Google analytics apps I’ve ever used. With the options such as Panel, Visitors, Content, Goals and Ecommerce, you feel so comfortable using it on android device. You can set the time period and find out the number of visitors, page views, bounce rate, new visits and everything. It supports multiple profiles. It can also show graphic charts else you can view it in numbers.

DroidAnalytics :

Just loved the analytics information displayed in landscape mode with tabular column. Neatly arranged showcasing pageviews, visits, visitors, bounce rate, time on site etc. With the buttons you can swtich to preferred date and time interval. It also represents the graphic chart format.

Simple Analytics Widget :

Simple analytics widget app for android is slightly different from the above mentioned ones. With this app, at a glance you can find out the state of your website. Not by accurate numbers, but by a symbolic representation of up/down arrow of visitors. You can see the count of visits, the count of unique visitors by day, the count of page views per day and many other things in real time. These values will be compared to the same data, at the same time, the previous week, to show the changing rate.

It automatically logs into your Google analytics account, as you may have google account connected with your android device. You don’t have to enter your password in the configuration settings of the widget. You can add this widget to your homescreen and get analytics data at your homescreen. To add it to homescreen, just like anyother widget, select add > widgets > choose ‘simple analytics widget’ from the list.

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