12 Best Free Social Media Monitoring Tools


There are many tools for measuring your social media marketing efforts. Some of them are commercial, paid tools that individually include features which make them really powerful solutions. But, if you are running on a tight budget and can’t really afford premium tools, there are amazing free tools for monitoring social media.

Here are 12 best free tools to monitor the effectiveness of your social media efforts:

Tools for measuring online influence

Klout is the best known free tool for measuring online influence. When you create content or engage on social networks, you influence others. Klout Score measures that influence on a scale of 1 to 100. They use data from social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin to measure:

  • how many people you influence
  • how much you influence them
  • the influence of your network

TweetGrader allows you to compare your influence on Twitter to millions of other users who have already been graded. You can use it to check the influence of any other Twitter user. Hint: how influential are your competitors?

General social media monitoring and analytics tools

Whos Talkin is a social media search engine that allows users to search for conversations they are interested in. You can search for and join conversations around your brand name or topics you care about. This tool is especially useful when you want to check where your brand appears across social media sites.

Social Mention is a real-time search engine for social media that monitors and aggregates data from 100+ social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Digg and Google. You can also create social media alerts and receive free daily email alerts about your brand, company, competitors, or any other topic of interest (like Justin Beiber or Lady Gaga). Furthermore, Social Mention shows the general sentiment about the searched topic, which can be positive, neutral or negative.

SharedCount is a simple tool that allows you to track your shares, tweets, likes, stumbles, +1s, and diggs. Just enter the URL you want to track and get your report in a matter of seconds.

Google Alerts is a great, yet underutilized tool for monitoring the Web and finding out what is being said about your company, brand, products or any other topic. Create alerts and receive email updates to keep current on your industry or competitors, favorite newspaper reporters or bloggers. Google allows you to manage your alerts by setting up the volume and how often you would like to receive alerts for each monitored topic. Tailor this awesome tool to your needs.

Google Analytics is a robust website analytics solution for tracking website or blog traffic and measuring the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. With the recently launched Google Analytics Real-time, you can measure the immediate impact of your social media campaigns. You can track how much traffic you are receiving right now from each channel – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

Twitter tools

TwitterCounter is a pretty robust tool which provides statistics of Twitter usage and tracks over 14 million Twitter users at the time of writing this post. Enter your Twitter username and compare your stats with two other users.

TweetReach lets you find out how many people your tweets are actually reaching. You can search not only for a Twitter name, but also for a hashtag, URL or phrase. The free plan lets you check the latest 50 tweets. TweetReach report includes another really neat feature: it shows you how your tweets are divided between regular tweets, retweets and replies. This helps you to analyze your Twitter habits and become a better Twitter friend in the future.

Forum tool

BoardTracker is a forum search engine and it lets you monitor discussions within forums. Track what people are saying about your products: are they experiencing some problems or need help? Are they looking for a product that you offer? This tool may help you to stay ahead of your competitors.

Blog tools

Google Blog Search is a blog search engine which helps you to find blog posts of interest. It is probably the best way to search blogs, taking into consideration Google’s search and indexing capabilities.

Blogpulse is another handy search engine for blogs that can be searched by keywords or URL. It also shows the most popular links, key people appearing in today’s posts, top videos, top blogs, top blog posts, and key phrases. This set of features comes in handy, especially when you are researching topics for blog posts and news articles.

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  1. GurbaxaniDotMe Social Media says:

    A good handy list of tools for the social media marketer. I also like marketing grader from Hubspot, because it provides a quick snapshot of your total online marketing effort ( though their back-link count does not always work). Have not used blogpulse and boardtracker. Thanks for sharing

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