10 Useful Outlook Shortcuts for People Who Use it Every day


Keyboard shortcuts will help us to use the software more efficiently. If you’re are one among the people who uses Microsoft Outlook email program all day then here are some useful shortcuts of Outlook that one must know for using it more efficiently. Yes, there are several outlook shortcuts, but of no use. Only certain outlook shortcuts will be very much helpful in day to day activities and which are used many times a day such as CTRL+N opens a new message, CTRL+M to check for new messages and so on. Keyboard shortcuts for any program on computer will help you to speed up your work everyday saving many clicks and turning them into one or two clicks/keystrokes.

Only on consistent practice these keyboard shortcuts will be easy on daily work. Here is a tip, Print out these keyboard shortcuts and paste it on your work desk, so that it would be easy. Here you go – the most popular and useful Outlook shortcuts to use outlook email program efficiently.

Switch between Mail, Calendar, and Contacts
Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2, Ctrl+3: (Mail is Ctrl+1, Calendar is Ctrl+2, and Contacts is Ctrl+3)

Create a meeting request
Ctrl+Shift+ Q

Move a message from one folder to another

Go to the Inbox folder

Toggle between ALL CAPS, all lowercase, and Sentence Caps

Create a bulleted list
Ctrl+Shift+L (This works in Word and when Word is your email editor.)

In Calendar, go to the same day the previous/following week
Alt+Arrow Up (previous) Alt+Arrow Down (following)

Open the Address Book

Responding to messages
Ctrl+R (Reply); Ctrl+Shift+R (Reply All); Forward (Ctrl+F)

Send a message

Search for text within the body of message

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    This was something new for me… Ctrl+Shift+I. Thanks.

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