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Normally when you upload an image in WordPress blog, the images get stored in your own hosting space. It will fill up the space on your images folder. But, if you’ve used Blogger blogspot blogs, all the images that you upload get stored in your picasa album. Also, that makes sure the site loads fast because images are served from Google’s server and soon you won’t end up with bandwidth problem. Here is a excellent wordpress plugin called ‘Picasa Upload’.

Picasa Upload WordPress Plugin allows you to upload the pictures directly from the WordPress dashboard to your Picasa album. You can also insert the images in your WordPress post with single click. So instead of serving the images from your own hosting space, you’re going to host the images from your Picasa album with a easy upload and display option.

You can upload files in JPG, GIF or PNG. All the files are served from the Google’s Picasa photo sharing service. Picasa Web provides 1 GB for photos and no bandwidth limit. With this plugin, you can upload set of photos to Picasa album from the wordpress dashboard and also if you already had some photos in your Picasa album, you can insert them in your WordPress posts in one click.

The plugin displays two options – 1. To upload images to Picasa 2. Displays photo albums from picasa inside wordpress dashboard. If you’re look out to upload bulk images to Picasa (not from wp dashboard), then here is Picasa Bulk Image uploader.

Picasa Upload plugin, once you’ve installed it on your WordPress blog, just edit/open a new post, click the image upload icon, go to the Your URL tab, you can see Picasa uploader displaying. Just click the browse button, upload the image, get the picasa photo URL, insert it in the blog post.

Download Picasa Upload WordPress Plugin

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