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We had told you about the best music player for android phone with lot of customizable options, excellent media player ui and suits all top android devices. This new music player application which we haven’t talked before, best android 2.2 music player and a premium android app. Just a tip : If you own a Samsung Galaxy S2 with the stock music player, then try this new Uber music app for android, with it’s polished biz look you will be flattered.

UberMusic app for android is another premium android music player app which is worth each penny. With it’s customizable options for media components, you can entirely change the user interface by adding skins to it. For applying skins to ubermusic, just search for ubermusic skins in android market, you can download them easily.

Once you’ve installed this app, it scans all your music items and automatically downloads artist pictures and sets them as the screen background for that artist. You have 6 types of widgets for ubermusic android. This app also includes free live wallpaper that shows album art from your music collection.

The shuffling feature is one of it’s best. It does the true shuffling, instead of picking a random song and playing it twice, it carefully shuffles so that it avoids playing the same song twice. Other noticable features are smooth scrolling, custom overscrolling on lists, minimalistic status bar and more.

Download Ubermusic player for android [Paid app]

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