Transfer Playing Music from iTunes to iPod Seamlessly


It will be cooler when am listening to a song on my phone and if I can unplug my phone and allow the desktop computer to play the music that would switch from mobile device seamlessly or vice versa from desktop computer to mobile device. So, how can it possible ? With a app called ‘Seamless’ for Mac & iPod/iPhone users – just a tap, Seamless fades your music, podcast, or audiobook out on your Mac, and in on your iPhone (or vice-versa). Still don’t get about Seamless ? Watch out the video below (just 50 secs)

Seamless for iDevice allows you to fade out the music on your Mac or iPhone and fade in without breaking the song on your iDevice. You can transfer the currently listening song from your Mac to iPod or from iPod to Mac seamlessly. You don’t have to pause iTunes, open iPod app on your device, find the song which you were listening, and start playing it again. Stop extra steps, and use Seamless to transit the music.

When you’re ready to transition music from iTunes to iPod, tap Seamless on your phone, and boom. The music fades out on the Mac, and fades in on the phone.

You can download Seamless on Mac & iPhone/iPod

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