Start Viewing Facebook History with Archived Book


This unique app allows you to view your old facebook status updates, wall messages, checkins, links and more. No more clicking older posts link and keep scrolling for the older updates. Just authorize this app with your profile to find all your old facebook updates. With Archived book, you can get all the old Facebook updates in single page, well organized.

Archived Book is a simple app that allows you to look back at all your old Facebook wall updates, status messages, what your friends posted on your wall, all the places you’ve checked in, links you have posted, comments, like counts and more. To be simple, you can browse your Facebook history with archived book app.

All you need to do is, just go to Archived Book and click on read your profile history button. Now you need to authorize your facebook profile so that the app collects all your facebook history. Now on a single page, you can view all your old wall messages, statuses, posts, links, photos, videos, checkins, notes, likes and events.

You can view the items by older items first, newer items, most likes, most commented as such. When you click on the item, you can view it on facebook. Also when you click on the like tab, it displays list of items which you have liked on Facebook such as apps, websites, fan pages etc etc.

Special feature about this app is that You can also read your friends’ wall. Click on the small icon at first place in the navigation tab and all your friends name will be listed out. So you can select any of them and view their contents too.

Archived Book [Facebook History Viewer]

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