Share Links on Twitter by Highlighting with Tweetlight


If you’re viewing an interesting web page and the page does’t provide you with tweet buttons to share it on twitter, then here is a simple firefox addon that allows you to quickly share links on twitter. On the past, we had told you about many twitter addons for sharing links on the web such as Twitter bookmarklet, Sharing URL with twitter chrome extensions, Firefox twitter addons and more.

Tweetlight for Firefox is a simple addon that just tweets the currently reading web page on twitter. All you need to do is, just highlight the text and use the tweetlight option from the right click context menu once you’ve highlighted. That’s it. It tweets the current webpage URL with the highlighted text, therefore gives you a way to share webpage links easily & quickly.

Once you’ve installed Tweetlight for Firefox, just open up any web page that you would like to share it on twitter, highlight any piece of text (may be the title of the post) and right click the highlighted text, you get to see an option ‘Tweetlight this’ where you can click the link or once you’ve highlighted you can use keyboard shortcut ‘press Ctrl + Shift + E’ the official twitter client page opens and you can hit the tweet button.

Share links on twitter using right click context menu option which allows you to share the page quickly than any other addon. You can download it and use if you’re a twitter addict who loves to share informative stuff with their followers.

Download Tweetlight for Firefox

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  1. Andoidage says:

    This can be a good idea not only to highlight the important parts in our tweets, but we can get good :) conversion rate.

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