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You might have heard about reddit enhancement suite for chrome that allows you to unlock the full powers of reddit on Google chrome or any other supported browsers that lets you to use reddit (user generated news content with upvotes and downvotes) in full swing. Now similar to it, here is a reddit chrome extension that acts friendly to all reddit addicts. If you’re a frequent reddit user who love to actively engage in reddit conversation, upvote/downvote links, then this is for you!

Reddit Companion extension for Google chrom allows you to turn your browser into a redditor’s best friend. You can integrate reddit inside your chrome browser. When you visit a web page and want to submit the link to reddit, with a tap of single button, you can submit them. Also you can easily vote, save, and view comments on reddit posts with an unobtrusive info bar.

Once you’ve installed the reddit companion extension, you can start using it. Just visit an interesting website and felt like sharing it on reddit, then click the reddit icon which is present at corner of your address bar. Submit new links to reddit using the integrated submission bar.

Also when you read a story through reddit interface, the page will show a status bar with upvote, downvote, comments, favorite etc. You also receive desktop notifications of new messages as they happen.

Download Reddit Companion [Chrome Extension]

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