Record a call on Skype with CallGraph Recorder


You can easily record skype calls incase if you need to track something or record a podcast with people across the globe. You can also interview via skype by call recording skype. You record a call on skype with third party tools like free skype recorder such as Callgraph, pamela call recorder, prettymay call recorder etc. Today we are going to see one of the best skype call recorder ‘Callgraph recorder’. It does skype call recording and much more. Wanna find more, let’s check out.

Callgraph recorder for skype is a simple desktop app that can record your skype conversation and save it in a mp3 or wav file format. It simple connects to your skype app which is running on your pc and with a tap of a button, you can record the conversation in a audio mp3 format. The files are stored on your My Documents\My Call Graphs folder by default.

The tool is best used for phone interviews, podcasts etc. It can record both Skype P2P and SkypeOut/SkypeIn calls. CallGraph does not have any limits or restrictions whatsoever. You can record for as long as you want and as many calls as you want.

Step 1: Download and Install CallGraph Skype Recorder
Step 2: Authorize CallGraph Skype Recorder to connect to Skype
Step 3: Complete the Interactive Demo and verify recording is working correctly.

It can also record conference skype calls. It has two modes of recording, automatic and manual. The recorded audio is given in mp3 or wav output format. It features a highpass filters to cut off background noise.

Download Callgraph Recorder

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  1. Jane Cane says:

    It seems to be really good, but some detailed functions are not explicit. There is an article about picking Skype call recorder, so will it cater to those standards?

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