Qmmp : Winamp Like Music Player for Linux


Out of many media players for Linux, if you’ve happened to use Qmmp, then no thought of going back to any other music player. On the past, we had told you about Decibel audio player for Linux and some best apps for Linux. Winamp, one of the most used and popular music player for Windows. The best 2 things about Winamp is that, it’s easy to use and easy to remember hotkeys for quick working. Next thing is Media Library & Play List intelligently extracts the meta-data out of the file name and it uses the floating meta-data to sort, etc. Now here is a similar Winamp look like music player for Linux.

Qmmp, a Winamp or xmms look like music player for Linux that plays many audio formats in your Linux machine. Supports MPEG, Ogg Vorbis, Native and FLAC to name a few. Delivers the best sound quality when compared to other audio players for linux.

Another major advantage of Qmmp is that, you have enough skins for the audio player. If you get bored by its default look, you can change the skin instantly. It can do video playback via Mplayer and displays lyrics using lyrics.wikia.com.

Try Qmmp on your Linux and let me know what do you think? Download Qmmp here.

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