Twitter Adds Post Your Tweets to Facebook Option Natively


Previously we had told you about how to post your tweets to Facebook or how to post from twitter to facebook. All these days it can be done possible only with a help of third party app, but now twitter has introduced a new feature to post your tweets to facebook by natively. You can just connect your twitter account to Facebook profile to share your tweets as Facebook status message.

Now no need for external applications such as Twitter has incorporated this feature natively, so that when you activate your tweets are posted automatically to your Facebook wall to keep your social networking updated without doing much work. To activate this feature, just go to Twitter > Profile tab > edit your profile link.

Below the twitter bio, you can see the button to ‘Post your tweets to facebook’. Just hit the button, connect with your facebook profile, allow it to authorize the app and that’s it. So, when ever you tweet, it will be posted as a facebook status message to your facebook profile. Just update it one time on twitter and it will share it on Facebook.

If you’re a person who tweets more, then caution. If you activate this and do a random ranting on twitter, then your facebook stream gets spammed.

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