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If you’re looking out for a project management and online collaboration software to keep your office connected with high productivity and bringing in more control over the business, then this is for you. When your business starts growing, you compulsorily need a process that can increase the productivity level and at the same time can make the work less and increase your business. With much flexible in usage, performance, ‘Comindware’ online collaboration software with project tracking, task management and more.

Comindware is a online enterprise collaboration software which comprises of Comindware tracker & Comindware Task Management. Both these online tools can efficiently manage your daily processes, improve productivity, and orchestrate your team work with innovative process tracking and collaboration solutions. The steps are so simple – Plan (creating visual work flow, determine states, transitions, allocating employees), Manage (schedule meetings, track execution), Collaborate (participate in discussions) and automate all these things one go.

Let’s talk about each tool below :

Comindware Tracker :

As I have already talked above, when your business is growing you need the flow of process and systems to get automatic so that there involves less work and the process moves fast. The comindware tracker is designed for organizations that deals with issues internally and externally everyday. The issues that organizations face daily such as requests, claims, bugs, help desk tickets etc. This issue tracking software can automatically generate tasks during a transition from state to state in your project and appropriately assign them for execution.

With its minimal formalization of process, it is easy to setup. Lot of customizations can be done to the application to adapt the changes as per your organization. It uses Semantic data storage technology – as you can manage with minimum efforts on the fly without affecting the base build that you’ve done from scratch. It exclusively integrates with Microsoft Office Outlook – so that you can manage tasks and all the items through e-mail.

Also, it allows users to work with tasks and calendar exclusively through the familiar Microsoft Outlook interface without seeing the Comindware interface at all. It has set of templates so that you can automate any department in your organization with a flexible workflow.

Comindware Task Management :

Comindware task management can increase your team productivity. It is a free software to manage daily tasks appearing in your organization. With this task management, you can separate into differnet parts and start creating, managing tasks for different parts in your organization. Effective task management tool that can collaborate with whole team where you can attach and share files which you’re working on. You can get into discussions with your team and stay productive working.

Some of the best features that I considered with Comindware Task Management are – Time tracking ( you can track & control your time spent on each task, also you can create reports on time taken on each task), Calendar ( that reminds you off your deadlines, meetings and like. You can sync calendar with your Outlook calendar, win-win situation)

The product is scheduled to be launched on October 2011. If you’re eager to try out, you can very well do a pre-registration for Comindware product trail. Just fill out the form and be amongst the early birds to try out Comindware. You also get free software licenses as well.

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  1. There are many benefits to using an Online Collaboration Software when you are working on projects with a team that is spread out across the world. Even if your entire team is in the same country it can be hard to meet up in person to discuss important details of any project. Here we will tell you a few of the benefits that an online collaboration software can offer you when you are working on medium or large projects with a large team. There are many more benefits than this but you will understand from these few things how greatly valuable this tool can be for your business.

  2. Marianna Mills says:

    Comindware I heard a very good system, has a lot of good reviews. We also liked the free version and rich functionality and we would like to start working with him. Does anyone know how to export tasks from one system and import it into another?

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