No Mercy Alarm Clock app, Shake it hard to Turn off the alarm


Wake n Shake iPhone app is a simple alarm clock app, but rightly named as no mercy alarm clock. What we normally do is, when the alarm rings, we just hit the snooze button and get back to sleep. But this alarm app is slightly different. It doesn’t let you sleep. There is no turn off, no snooze button, infact no buttons at all to turn off the alarm. There’s only one way to shut off the alarm, by shaking the hell out of the iPhone. I expect many will throw away their iPhones to turn off this alarm, lol just joking. But, this no mercy alarm clock specially developed for lazy souls like me who love to hit the snooze button everytime.

Wake n Shake app for iPhone is a simple funny alarm clock. What’s so special with this alarm clock app when there are hundreds of alarm clock app for iPhone ? When you want to turn off the alarm at morning, you don’t have snooze button or turn off button, There’s only one way to shut off the alarm: by shaking the iPhone like crazy. no mercy! It’s like jump-starting your day. By shaking the iPhone like your life depends on it, you raise your heart rate, and you wake up instantly – says the developer.

Functions of Wake n Shake :

  • Shake function like you’ve never experienced in an alarm app before
  • Configurable shake function: from hard to painful
  • Unlimited alarms
  • Quick naps
  • Works even while in the background
  • 10 creative alarm sounds to get your blood flowing
  • Beautiful interface optimized for use in the dark
  • Animated alarm clock character: Alarmi
  • Countdown. Alarms count down so you know how much sleep you have left
  • Random alarms

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