New YouTube Video Editor Launched with Color Effects, Sound track


Already YouTube has launched image stabilization ‘Stabilize’ feature which can fix bouncy, trembling YouTube videos, a native feature of YouTube editor. Now YouTube has added some more features and launched a new YouTube video editor interface with an option to add effects that allows you to edit YouTube videos after you upload them without going to a another new interface or new video URL. So, let’s check out the new features of YouTube video editor.

You can improve your existing YouTube videos just by editing them with the new YouTube editor that has got lot of features. Before, an YouTube video editing would involve a new video URL address, now old uploads can be edited and outcome results in same old URL.

All you need to do is, if you’ve uploaded some videos in YouTube, go to my video section and select any of the uploaded YouTube video. There you can see options like edit annotations, edit info and Edit video. So click edit video option and you will be displayed in the new YouTube editor. The editor has two panes, left side displays the original video and right side reflects the changes you made using the editor – The quick preview button. Don’t worry if this quick preview looks a little grainy. When you save changes, the original quality of your video will be maintained.

Now the YouTube editor has 3 main tabs – Quick Fixes, Effects, Audio. The Quick fixes options provide you to quickly do the basic stuff such as trimming the video – adjust the start time and end time of the video. You can also rotate left or right and use the stabilize option which removes the shaky camera motions. If you want to fix the color and lighting of the video in one click, you can hit the I’m feeling lucky button else, you can also adjust the color brightness, saturation, color temperature and so on.

The effects section has quite few good effects to add in your videos such as black & white, sepia mode, cross process, cartoon and few more. You can just apply them to your videos. The audio section – You can swap out the audio soundtrack on your video with free tracks from the library. It displays audio tracks, shows recommendations based on the similar length of your video. You can select the audio track and use them in your video. Finally hit save and close it.

What’s special about this new YouTube editor is that, the video edited using the on-page editor wouldn’t result in a new upload and address. It merges with the existing video.

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