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Few days back, there was a heated debate on the hashtag #openletter #madrasan and few more. Infact, it was trending topic on twitter. Finally caught hold of the news that, ‘A open letter to delhi boy’ from a partly south indian girl has took delhi by storm. Also a response from the delhi boy in a blog post added more heat to the debate on twitter. Still don’t get what am talking about? Here is the link of that open letter. This is where it all started (more than 2000 comments) and the response letter from the delhi boy is here – . Adding to it, Hindustan times & Times of India published about this hot twitter topic on their news site today. Links to the e-news paper can be found here TOI & HT

So, Do you want to write an open letter too ? Here is a chance for you. Based on the hot trending topic on twitter, some one has developed a tiny app that allows you to write an open letter to any one you want.

My Open Letter is a simple web app that lets you to write an open letter to any one you want in the world. There is no sign up, registration, confirmation stuff. With out taking much of your time, just hit the , enter your From & To names and start writing your open letter.

With it’s simple clean user interface, you can add images, videos, flash to the body content of the letter. It provides you a rich text format to write the content of your letter. You can add bold, italics, styles, format your letter, change the font style, size, color, text direction, table and many more.

So, Now you’ve done with the letter, hit the publish button. You can also enable/disable comments for your open letter. Once you’re done with it, You will be provided with a unique URL to edit and save your letter. Make sure you don’t share that unique URL, because that allows any one to edit your letter. You can also preview your letter and Finally with a specific URL for your open letter, you can share the letter with friends using the social buttons provided on the page.

You can find open letters from other users on the ‘Latest Letters‘ or Letters Archive link. If you’re bored, you can read a random open letter using the Random link at bottom of the app.

My Open Letter

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