Improve Android Notification System with Bubbleator app


Previously we have told you about Voicemail notifier app for android, now here comes a new notification system for your android phone. By default, the notification system on the andorid is like sliding from the top and hitting on the notification. This new app called Bubbleator changes the entire notification system for android.

We have seen a Similar app called Notification Bubbles few months back which displays all your notifications such as SMS/Phone call/Gmail/Facebook/Twitter notifications in a Bubble on android home screen. Similarly, this app does the same job but with excellent user interface and stuff. Let’s check them out.

Bubbleator app is a android live wallpaper that will stream all your twitter, sms, call notifications on your home screen. It streams bubbles of information across the display including your Facebook news feed, Twitter posts, upcoming events, missed calls and texts.

You can hit on the bubble notification to reply or check out the stuff. Simply slide it to remove the notification. When you remove items from bubbleator, your original data is left untouched.

Download Bubbleator app [Android]

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