How to Share Facebook Pictures on Twitter ?


We have already talked about 30+ powerful ways to share images on twitter, but that’s different – posting images to twitter picked around the web. Today, we have discovered a app that allows you to share your Facebook photos to twitter easily with an option to leave a message to each photo which is shared. If you’re looking to share your Facebook photos with people who are not on Facebook, then here is a way to do. Let’s come to the app that we are going to see today.

HawaHawa is a simple app that lets you to share your Facebook photos on twitter. It works simple. Just you need to grant the service to authorize both your Facebook and twitter account, then you will be able to share photos between both the network easily.

Once you’ve authorized, you will be able to select the facebook album whose photos you want to share with your twitter followers. With sharing, you will also be able to accompany a message that will be displayed on your twitter timeline. So, before we get over here are the steps – Login to HawaHawa with your Facebook account, Once you’ve logged in, Choose the Facebook album & Select the photo which you want to share on Twitter. Now, Authorize with Twitter and Post photo on Twitter.


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  1. Nice tool…

    I am surely gonna try HawaHawa for transferring my fb pics to twitter..

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