How to Recover Repair Corrupt ZIP Files


Today we are going to talk about file recovery application that recover corrupted data. Normally when you download data from the untrusted source in the internet which are stored as zip files, sometimes it may work, but many times when you unzip it, broken error message appears saying – the zip file has corrupted or some file is missing. How to fix it ? How to recover damaged files ? Here is a simple tool that can recover corrupted files, fix damaged zip files.

Zip2Fix is a free portable tool to extract the undamaged files from a ZIP file when some of the files inside the archive are damaged. The correct files will be extracted to a new ZIP file. It only supports ZIP and SFX files.

This is simple little freeware that provides a great solution to recover files from corrupted and damaged ZIP and SFX Zip archives. It doesn’t do anything about it. Just fixes the corrupted zip files. It can recover the damaged files inside the archive.

You can check out how Zip2fix works, demo video here.

Download Zip2Fix

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