How to Disable Facebook News Ticker, Get Back Old News Feed Interface


The most awaited event F8 (facebook developer conference) which is going to happen tomorrow (sep 22, 2011), Facebook has rolled out a major redesign by adding few unwanted features and there by making it more complex for users. Most of them hate the new changes made which makes the homepage clutter with lot of extra features (which they actually want to show off competing with twitter & Google+).

The actual news feed, top stories, most recent has been removed and changed into News ticker on top of your Facebook right side bar. Also introduced top story where you can mark a story as top story by hitting a blue color ribbon on left top of the story so that it stays on top. Another noticable feature is the change in photos. You can see wall photos which are added by your friends appear little larger than usual.

So, for haters – here is a simple way to hide, disable or remove the news ticker from your facebook window. just hit the chrome extension, download and install it on your chrome. Once you’re done, refresh the facebook homepage and tada! The news ticker is gone!

Facebook News Ticker Remover extension for Google chrome allows you to hide Facebook’s new news Ticker. If you’re aiming to totally revert back the new interface, then here is a trick to do it.

On your Facebook account settings > language settings > change from English US to English UK > save settings. Facebook changes to the old interface. I just tested it out on my profile and it worked. I am currently using the old facebook interface with all most recent, top stories, news feed and stuff. But am not sure, how long this trick will work. Because, tomorrow at Facebook F8 conference they will officially announce the new changes made to facebook and soon every bug will be fixed.

Also at Facebook F8 event which is expected to happen tomorrow, What to expect ? – The theme for tomorrow on F8 is ‘Read, Watch, Listen’ – The read portion is what we are all experiencing now, the new changes in reading design. The watch portion would be Watching movies, tv shows etc inside facebook with the partnership between Facebook, Hulu and Netflix. The Listen portion would be ‘Launch of Facebook Music’ – the tie up with Spotify. Just keep a tab on F8

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