Hide, Remove Gmail Ads in Google apps for Business


You can easily disable advertisement in Google apps for Business or Education account. We aren’t talking about the general free Google apps account, you pay about 5$ per month for a business Google apps account and when you try using it, you hate to see Gmail ads displaying inside so how do you disable, remove or hide them ? It is so simple that you play with few settings, it can disable all the advertisement associated with multiple domains which you have hosted in your Google apps business account. You cannot hide ads only for subset of users, with one tap it removes all the ads completely.

It is so annoying that Google by default enable ads to their paying customers. Now it provides an option to hide the ads from your Google apps settings page. Let’s check out how …

Step 1 : Login to your Google apps admin control panel

Step 2 : Click Domain Settings

Step 3 : On the general settings > Advertisement option > Untick the option to hide all ads for this domain

Step 4 : Save changes. that’s it.

Therefore, sponsored links will also no longer be shown, but users still have option to customize their webclips for news, blgoposts, rss feeds etc.

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