Google Plus Search Extension for Chrome


Google Plus has launched and lost its fun element and now it seems so boring to hangout around G+. Most of my friends including me are not using it much. Rarely we use them. But however, for people who still use Google plus more, here is a useful extension that allows you to search Google Plus. As you can see, Google plus is in beta stage, the search functionality is not yet implemented.

Google Plus Search extension for chrome lets you to search the Google Plus contents and profiles online, shows the hot trends of G+. It is not only available as Chrome extension, it is also available as a Android app.

You can filter the search based on only posts, only profiles, only posts from buzz and only posts from Google reader. Only if the profiles are listed public, it will appear on the searches.

Download Google Plus Search

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  1. mani says:

    Great News for Google Plus users.

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