Get Notified When Shared Google Documents Updated, Modified with WatchDoc


When you’re working together on Google documents with other people, when documents were changed to something or if the sharing options are changed, then you get notified by a small counter on your chrome address bar. You don’t have to check up docs everytime for new changes.

WatchDoc extension for Google Chrome notifies you if your Google Docs change. If you have shared some documents with others on Google Docs, before you had to go check whether anyone’s modified them. This Chrome extension will list your shared documents that were updated since the last time you have viewed them.

Just like a unread message counter, a little notification icon appears on the address bar. All you need to do is, just install the extension, allow it to access your Google account, sign in to your docs account and that’s it. It will notify any changes made in your docs.

Download WatchDoc For Chrome

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