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Something strike your head ? Have you heard this word ‘C(k)lout Score’ anywhere on twitter ? Yes, you’re right. There is a service called ‘Klout’ that measures your social influence. It can measure your twitter influence and give you a score out of 100. It measures based on your conversation, how you have engaged with important people or you ranting by yourself, how much you’re sending out valuable information consistently and gives you a social score. So something similar to it, for Google plus here is a Google Plus Clout Score.

Google Plus Clout Score is a way to discover influential people on Google+. Based on their popularity, Google plus Clout gives a score to people. To know your score, you can just enter your Google+ ID – the long some 20+ numbers after <-- yeah this is your Google plus ID. Just enter your ID and hit the Get plusclout button to know your score.

You can also find out new people with their scores by clicking the alphabets below the text box. It will display new people with their clout score.

Google Plus Clout Score

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