Get Facebook Notifications When Someone is Tagged with Facebook Tag Notifier


Normally when you get tagged on your friends profile, you get notification that you’ve been tagged in this photo. But When your friends upload a picture with someone cute (girl/boy) and you want to know who they are and want to find out their facebook profile, but they are not tagged yet ? Then here is a service called Facebook Tag Notifier that allows you to get notifications when some one is tagged on that specific picture.

Facebook Tag Notifier is a curious application that lets you to know when some one is tagged on a photo that you’ve provided to the app. So, you can easily find the name of the person that appears in that photo, without having to ask the friend. This is a excellent application for people who feel bad or shy to ask a friend about the cute girl/boy posing next to him.

All you need to do is, just 4 steps. Allow the Tag notifier app to authorize your Facebook profile. Simply click the login button on the site and allow the app to access your profile. Next step is to Get the photo URL from Facebook. Submit the URL to the Tag notifier and wait for the email from them. The tag notifier will send you an email when a new tag is added to the photo.

Tag Notifier

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  1. wow.. this will always allow me to get updates whenever anyone tags me.. thanks for this one..

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