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With the every new release of Windows from XP, Vista, Windows 7 and upcoming Windows 8 – Each version of Windows has some tiny changes to Windows Explorer. Windows explorer is widely used program so access files and folders quickly. With minor changes by default on new Windows versions, there is no configuration effectively to use it productively. So here is a third party tool that can optimze your Windows explorer to full extent. It is considered to be a alternative file manager and best windows file explorer replacement.

7plus is free open source software for Windows that adds many features to the Windows Explorer file mangement system. It reduces the work load, simplifies the clicks, highly optimzed for better easy using, with its feature rich system powered by autohotkey, 7plus is what you need for your Windows system. It saves so much time and has lot of features which can be activated individually.

Some of the special features of 7plus are, you can create a folder on the desktop just by double click. How nice isn’t it ? Also the tabs feature like your web browser. You can just open folders in new tabs, that would be so easy to switch between folders. Some other noticeable features includes upload any file from the explorer to an FTP server, use hotkeys to launch programs, navigate to folders using hotkeys or buttons in the explorer bar.

Some more features of 7Plus :

  • Store favorite folders and recall them for very fast navigation
  • Upload files, screenshots and clipboard content directly to an FTP server with just one hotkey
  • Accessor tool that acts as a launcher similar to programs like Launchy or Exekutor
  • Add tabs for Windows Explorer like in browsers
  • Create customizable, context-sensitive hotkeys
  • Create new context menu entries on files and folders
  • Create new folders and textfiles by pressing F8/F7
  • Paste text or image from clipboard as file
  • Show favorite folders in the explorer folder band bar like Web Browser favorite bars
  • Make Backspace go upwards again
  • Set windows to be “Always on top” by right clicking the title bar
  • Activate blinking windows and toggle between current and previous window with Capslock
  • Close windows by middle clicking task buttons
  • Paste previous clipboard text entries by pressing WIN+V
  • Use a Joypad/Gamepad to remote control the mouse, keyboard and zoom

You can find out the entire list of 7Plus features here.

7Plus Download [Free]

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