6 Months Free LastPass Premium For University Students [Grab it Now]


LastPass is the best password manager I have ever used. Not only a password manager, it’s a complete suite to secure browsing experience. Want to learn more about LassPass? Then here is our review on LastPass – the best password manager around the web.

LassPass lets you to sync. passwords between browsers. It automatically synchronizes your data and you’re able to access it from anywhere at anytime. As I have said, it also protects yourself againts phishing attack, scam, online fraud and malware. With the LastPass & Xmarks (service to sync. bookmarks) combo, it’s an ultimate combo for cross-platform data.

The LastPass free version allows you only to sync passwords and data between browsers, but the Premium version allows you to sync data between browsers, also on all kinds of mobile platforms like Android, IOS, Symbian, BlackBerry, WebOS to use. The premium version costs a dollar per month. But, the LastPass guys are giving away solid 6 months of premium version of LastPass for Free.

Note from LastPass ” LastPass is giving all university students 6 months of LastPass Premium to help you manage your digital life as you settle into a new semester! LastPass Premium will help you take full advantage of LastPass’ cross-browser, cross-platform awesomeness – including mobile apps for your smartphone or tablet! ”

All you need to do is, just register on LastPass with your university email ID. Confirm the email and link your accounts, access LastPass Premium version for 6 months FREE!!

Grab LastPass Premium Now [Student Offer]

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  1. That’s a nice thing by Lastpass for university students. Unfortunately our university/college doesn’t have a .edu website and also doesn’t give personalized email ids.

  2. Mike Rackers says:

    I’d recommend RoboForm. It’s so much better than Lastpass. Plus LP had a second major security breach this spring. I’m not trusting them with my passwords.

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