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One of the things a new phone owner would want to do as soon as they get their new phones is to change their ringtones. The concept of a ringtone may be simple but it also symbolizes a handful of things about the person such as his or her taste in music or even a brief statement of the person’s character. Depending on which device you are creating your ringtones, here are some of the best apps to get the job done.

Ringtone Maker for PC :

ToneThis Ringtone Maker

ToneThis is definitely a tool worth having for any mobile user. Not only can you create a ringtone through ToneThis but also get wallpapers as well. ToneThis allow its users to get legal photos from Flickr depository which simply means that it is all a hassle free process. Another feature of ToneThis worth noting is that a Firefox toolbar can be downloaded at the user’s discretion which allows media from the Internet to be downloaded directly to ToneThis. This then simplifies the whole process of creating that ringtone that you wanted. This software can definitely be used by people of all ages as it is user-friendly. There is also an option of getting the pro version for $20 which unlocks premium games as well as ringtones.

Download ToneThis Ringtone Maker free here.

AVCWare Ringtone Maker

At only 20MB to download, AVCWare Ringtone Maker is lightweight simply because computers today are equipped with gigabytes of storage. Unlike ToneThis, AVCWare Ringtone Maker only creates ringtones and not wallpapers as well. This software however, supports a lot of audio files such as MP3, WAV, OGG and many more. Users can also convert their audios to any of these formats. AVCWare is a no nonsense application that a lot of users may find helpful when it comes to creating their ringtones. In fact, most often than not, AVCWare may be the only software that the user needs. The best part is that the software is available free of charge.

Download AVCWare Ringtone Maker free here.

Ringtone Maker for iPhone & Android

Ringtone Maker for Android

With more than 7000 5-star rating on the Android Market, Ringtone Maker by RINGTONE INC., is by far, one of the best mobile ringtone maker for Android devices. It is simple to use and allows users to search through songs available on their phones. Once a song is chosen, they can first preview the songs and then select parts on which they want to use as their ringtones. The edited audio file can be then used as a ringtone, alarm or even as notification. Ringtone Maker is simply a must have for all Android users!

Download Ringtone Maker free here.

Ringtone Workshop for iPhone

Albeit not that much sought after in the market, Ringtone Workshop is a great application for iPhone 3GS users and above. It is easy to use and is user friendly as well. Like Ringtone Maker for Android phones, users can choose specific parts of the songs to be made as their ringtone. Users may also record their own ringtones through this application as well. All in all, Ringtone Workshop is suitable for those wanting to create their own ringtone as fast as possible.

Download Ringtone Workshop Free here.

Online Ringtone Maker apps

Instead of having the hassle of download any of the softwares or applications mentioned above, users may also find themselves creating ringtones from the sanctuary of the Internet.


MakeYourOwnRingtone.com is a website that allows users to create their ringtones online. With three different modes that are available for the users to use, this website is by no doubt, powerful. In Expert Mode, there are 17 modifications that can be done to alter the audio that the user wishes to use as their ringtones. MakeYourOwnRingtone.com is definitely a website that should be bookmarked by all mobile users especially those that likes to change their ringtones frequently.

Try MakeYourOwnRingtone free here.


Another website worth looking at is Melofania. Unlike the other website mentioned above, Melofania is easy to use and is suitable for those wanting to create their own ringtone as quickly and as painlessly as possible. However, it should be noted that service is currently under Beta stage which means that its functionality is currently limited. Ringtones created by Melofania is also limited to only 30 seconds as well but in most cases, this does not pose a problem.

Try Melofania free here.

All in all, there are countless ways of creating ringtones. May it be through the use of handheld devices or through the computer, those that wishes to personalize their ringtones will find it easy and effortless.

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