Facebook Welcome Page Tab app with GOSO


We had already told you on how to create a welcome landing page in Facebook and there are many third party tools to create a beautiful landing pages on Facebook. Some of the apps are Pagemodo, Tabsite, Unbounce & Welcome tab for pages. So what’s so special about this app which we are going to talk today ?

Welcome Applet from GoSo (Go Social) is an easy to use free Facebook application which allows you to customize a welcome page using a simple content management system, image or HTML. With Welcome applet you can create custom landing tab for any Facebook fan page you administrate.

All you need to do is, just go to Welcome Applet, allow the app to auth, select the page that you want welcome tab to be installed, grant the permission and start customizing as you desire. There are several custom backgrounds available. You can also upload your own custom background and show up your HTML skills. But, it is not necessary that you should know HTML to use the app. Any one can create a welcome tab to their facebook page. You can even add YouTube videos to your welcome tab just by pasting the embed code.

Welcome Applet from Go Social

Similar apps : Pagemodo, Tabsite, Unbounce & Welcome tab

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